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Berthold LB135 TOL/G Wide Range Dose Rate Meter

Berthold LB135 TOL/G Wide Range Dose Rate Meter

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The LB 135 TOL/G has been specifically developed to measure equivalent dose and dose rates H*(10) in a wide
energy range from 15 keV to 6.7 MeV in both continuous and pulsed gamma radiation fields. In particular,
the different integration modes allow for accurate determination of the received dose. Dose rate values are
permanently displayed so that changes can be observed, and an alarm initiated immediately.
The TOL/G offers an exceptional combination of wide dose rate and energy ranges. This feature, together with
the user-friendly software and precise measurement, makes the TOL/G the leading monitor for dose and dose
rate measurements in all radiation protection applications.


Radiology                          Measurement of radiation fields and determination of local dose and dose rates in X-ray and medical imaging centres
Regulatory compliance     Compliance monitoring for national and international regulations
Radiation safety               Monitoring of materials against radiological safety criteria even at high dose rates
Nuclear power plants       Precise dose and dose rate measurement of N-16 gamma radiation

Radiometric specifications

Energy range                  Gamma and X-ray radiation from 15 keV to 6.7 MeV according to IEC 60846
Dose rate range              100 nSv/h to 10 Sv/h in two measuring ranges
Dose range                     10 nSv to 10 Sv in two measuring ranges, integration time 1 s to 9999 s