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Service & Support

We place emphasis on our support services in order to differentiate ourselves from other suppliers.

metorX's support services are designed to help customers get the best out of our technology. 

The best way to do this is via a support contract, this includes:


A support contract gives you the ultimate troubleshooting capabilities with immediate answers to any questions you may have. Our Technical Support team include experienced help desk professionals which can be contacted via telephone and email, as well as remote assistance online.

All issues are logged within our support database with a unique tracking number, enabling regular feedback on the status of your inquiry.

You will have unique access to the programmers who write the software as well as our Quality Assurance personnel who can advise on validation requirements.

Software Development

Customers on a support contract can influence the development of the software through its various releases. We are able to prioritise requests for change from customers with a support contract; we work with you to add new functionality and build the system around your needs. 

Free Upgrades

Customers on a support contract are entitled to free releases within a specified version. Each release is accompanied with detailed software release note documentation, enabling customers to track changes and identify the benefits of implementation of the new release, as well as getting guidance on appropriate validation and testing of the change.