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RADEAGLET-R Rugged, Lightweight, Handheld Radioisotope Identification Device

RADEAGLET-R Rugged, Lightweight, Handheld Radioisotope Identification Device

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The accuracy, versatility, ease a-of use, and durability you demand in a rugged, handheld radioisotope identification device.

ORTEC’s RADEAGLET-R™ lightweight, handheld radiation detector provides the speed and reliability to identify potentially hazardous radiation sources quickly and accurately. Designed and built to meet the specialized requirements of military, law enforcement, first responder, border patrol, and homeland security users, the RADEAGLET-R handheld RIID radiation detector stands up to rugged use under harsh conditions, delivering readings in seconds via a user-friendly, hi-resolution display. Built-in Bluetooth, LAN, Wi-Fi, and USB compatibility lets field personnel easily upload data via smartphone, tablet, or PC for reachback/triage analysis of potential threats.

Features & benefits other radiation isotope identification devices cannot match

The RADEAGLET-R handheld RIID combines comfort, ease of use, and performance, offering:

● Superior detection of up to six isotopes in under 60 seconds – this next-generation radiation detector’s optimized identification algorithm detects and identifies nuclides in mixed, shielded, and heavily masked configurations including special nuclear material (SNM). The expandable identification library includes more than 100 nuclides.

● More accurate threat detection – its advanced isotope identification algorithm minimizes both false positives and false negatives common among radiation detectors that rely on a traditional template matching algorithm.

● Streamlined data storage & communication – the RADEAGLET-R handheld RIID’s hi-resolution display is visible even in bright sunlight. Bluetooth, LAN, Wi-Fi, and USB compatibility lets you quickly upload data via smartphone, tablet, or PC for reachback/triage analysis.

● Simplified maintenance that reduces costs – this radiation detection device does not require factory recalibration and can be calibrated in the field in under 60 seconds. Key components can be replaced at your facility to minimize downtime and keep your RADEAGLET-R handheld RIID in service.

● Ruggedized housing – the RADEAGLET-R radiation detector’s sensitive parts and components are fully encapsulated and protected from bumps, drops and other mishaps.

● Hot-swappable batteries – power the RADEAGLET-R handheld RIID with your choice of NiMH, Li-ION, or COTS AA size batteries. An internal, rechargeable power source lets you change out battery packs on the fly without losing power.

● Ergonomic design that reduces fatigue – a true lightweight, handheld RIID, RADEAGLET-R’s ergonomic design reduces physical stress and helps users screen for extended periods.

● Performance unmatched by other radiation isotope identification devices – the RADEAGLET-R handheld RIID is ANSI N42.34 compliant, with a user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate interface, a hi-resolution, intuitive display, and an extensive variety of alarms.


Built to serve –key customers and applications

The RADEAGLET-R radiation isotope identification device is designed to withstand the abuse and rigors of field deployment in a wide range of applications including:

● For police, fire and rescue, and emergency personnel – carry a lightweight, handheld radiation detector that quickly and accurately identifies hazards that threaten public health and safety, and supports timely response.

● As a customs and border patrol radiation detector – better secure ports and highways against potential threats.

● As airport radiation detectors – add a critical layer of facility and aircraft security when screening luggage, cargo, and passengers.

● As a military radiation detector – in the field, on base, or in government buildings, quickly and accurately identify threats, leaks, and other hazards with this isotope finder.

● As a nuclear radiation detector – add an essential routine monitoring and hazard identification tool to support your existing protocols.

● Intelligence agencies – rely on this compact, powerful solution for monitoring, detecting, and assessing threats.

● Environmental management & cleanup – ensure that radioactive materials are accurately identified and hazards mitigated.

● Nuclear medicine and scientific research – effectively monitor labs, treatment areas, research facilities, and storage areas to ensure safe working environments.

● Scrap steel & recycling – quickly detect and keep hazardous radioactive materials out of waste and recycling streams.