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The RAMION is a battery operated, auto ranging, portable ion chamber survey meter designed for highly stable and accurate measurement of dose rates and integrated dose of gamma, x-ray and beta radiation.

New The RAM ION is now supplied with a USB connector – Power and data transfer capabilities 

New –  a double layered Mylar cover to improve Beta responses and capability to accurately measure low energy radiation.

The RAM ION is ideal for use in nuclear power plants, nuclear medicine, radiography and radiotherapy facilities, life science laboratories, nuclear research centers and in other industrial applications.

The RAM ION is capable of measuring X-Ray bursts from 5 picosecond pulses which makes it an ideal safety tool for X-Ray and NDT applications.

Download a comparison report from an independent user.

Rotem supplies a 6 MeV Barrel Sleeve and here is a test report showing that the RAM ION reacts excellently  to the lower energies with this sleeve attached.


Measuring Range:                           1.00 µSv/h to 500 mSv/h 

Display Range:                                 0.1 µSv/h to 500 mSv/h

Accuracy:                                            ±10% of reading within measuring range

Sensitivity:                                           From 0.1 mR/h to 250 mR/h: 172 cps/mR/h

                                                              From 250 mR/h to 50 R/h: 1.72 cps/mR/h

Gamma Energy Dependence:           Better than ±20% at 20 keV to 1.3MeV (related to 137Cs)

Beta Energy Dependence:                  Better than ±20% from 200 keV

Angular Dependence (Cs-137):         Less than ±5% (for ±120 deg. front direction)

Ion Chamber Volume:                     500 cc


see energy response