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Liquid Scintillation Vials

Liquid Scintillation Vials

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Meridian Biotechnologies supplies an extensive range of glass and plastic vials.
Glass and plastic vials are available in sizes ranging from 6mL up to 20mL.
This maximum of 20 ml is fixed due to the dimensions of currently used photomultiplier tubes (1½ inch diameter).
It is important to remember that when the cocktail + sample is added to the vial then the vial becomes an integral component of the counting process.

Glass Vials

Meridian Biotechnologies glass vials are manufactured from low background glass with minimal detectable impurities. This guarantees a performance benefit of low background (12-13 cpm in 0-18.6keV window) and is offered at an economical price.

For user safety, the glass in carefully annealed to prevent brittleness and thus minimize breakages in both transport and use. The vials are individually packaged in partitioned trays of 100. Caps have a smooth flat surface ideal for writing on or labelling and are packed separately in bags of 100. Leak testing on Meridian Biotechnologies vials shows no loss of cocktail.

GV1 500 x 20mL Glass Vials packed in 5 trays of 100 with 5 bags of 100 High Reflection caps
GV2 500 x 20mL Glass Vials packed in 5 trays of 100 with 5 bags of 100 Polycone caps
GV11 500 x 20mL Glass Vials packed in 5 trays of 100 with High Reflection caps on
GV21 500 x 20mL Glass Vials packed in 5 trays of 100 with Polycone caps on
GV4 1000 x 7mL Glass Vials packed in 5 trays of 200 with 5 bags of 200 High Reflection caps

Plastic vials

We now manufacture all our own plastic vials in our new facility in Thailand where we have pioneered
the use of an Anti-Static ingredient in the manufacture of vials to prevent static discharges affecting counting results.

We use extra virgin HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene) which means that there is no diffusion of our high flash point cocktails
through the vial wall and backgrounds are very low. (Leak tests over one month show no loss of cocktail)
They are conveniently packaged in either 1,000 (20 ml) or 2,000 (8mL) or 2,500 (7 ml) size with caps included separately.
Custom packaging of plastic vials is also available.

PV1AS and PV4AS are now only available as anti-static with the anti-static material included in the manufacturing process.
PV1AS 1000 x 20mL Plastic Anti-Static Vials with caps
PV2 2500 x 6mL Plastic Vials with POPSCREW caps
PV3 2500 x 6mL Plastic Vials with PUSH-IN caps
PV4AS 2000 x 8mL Plastic Anti-Static Vials with POPSCREW caps