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RITEC CZT detectors

RITEC CZT detectors

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CdZnTe and CdTe are wide band semiconductors with a high density and a high effective atomic number. CdZnTe or CdTe based nuclear radiation detectors are the modern high efficiency spectrometric room temperature operation detectors. The last progress in the CdZnTe crystal growing and detector fabrication expands the range of their application.

These detectors have found applications in industry, scientific research, nuclear medicine and radiation safety. They are used for nuclear material verification, waste and contamination monitoring, environment control, detecting cancer during surgery, space research, custom control, X-ray fluorescence alloy analyzer, X- and gamma-ray imaging system and for many other applications.

ZRF Ritec SIA manufactures spectrometric CdZnTe and planar counting CdTe detectors for various applications. Different mounting styles of counting detectors are available: on a PCB or a ceramic substrate, covered by epoxy, in serial transistor's boxes, in boxes with or without connector or in a custom designed case. The different sizes of counting detectors are available by the customer request.

CdZnTe spectrometric detectors have a quasi-hemispherical geometry of sensitive volume. The sensitive volumes of serial quasi-hemispherical detectors can be from a very small of 1 mm³ to a large ones up to 1.5 cm³. The small sizes detectors (1...60 mm³) are used for placing inside the miniature Spectrometric Detection Probes. Large sizes detectors are placed inside a housing with a connector.

Large Volume Detectors CZT/500 and CZT/1500 have the sensitive volumes of quasi-hemispherical CdZnTe detectors of 0.5 cm³ and 1.5 cm³ respectively. These detectors have a good spectroscopy performance, high efficiency, small external dimensions and high reliability. They can be used for isotope identification.

Spectrometric Detection Probes

There are different models of spectrometric detection probes produced by ZRF Ritec SIA Models differ in design, dimensions and spectrometric characteristics. All models contain a CdZnTe quasi-hemispherical detector, a charge sensitive preamplifier and a case. There are miniature detection probes with small external diameter of 8 mm (SDP 310) and even of 6 mm (SDP 313) or with small thickness of 4 mm (SDP 311). Due to the very small dimensions these probes can be applied for measurements in places with difficult access.

For application at high ambient temperatures thermostabilized detection probe TSDP410 can be used. The probe consists of a removable probe and a temperature stabilizing unit. By coupling a CdZnTe quasi-hemispherical detector together with a miniature cooler stable workability up to +75 ºC was reached. The temperature stabilizing unit serves for setting and stabilization of detector operation temperature.

Spectrometric Detection Probe SDP 500 with the large volume quasi-hemispherical detector of 0.5 cm³ is very suitable for portable field instrumentation.

Associated electronics

ZRF Ritec SIA produces different charge-sensitive preamplifiers. There are preamplifiers with different operation voltages (±5 V, ±12 V), small consumption power (25 mW) and with low noise (<2...3 keV) at room temperature. These preamplifiers are mainly deigned for application in the Spectrometric Detection Probes. Preamplifiers PA 101C and PA 101 C/HV are intended for application with Large Volume Detectors CZT/500 and CZT/1500 correspondingly.