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Logi-CHROM ONE integrated all-in-one radio-HPLC system overview

Logi-CHROM ONE has been developed specifically for PET/SPECT quality control which requires a small footprint and simple to use solution for radiochemical purity testing.

We have used our experience and expertise in supplying radio-HPLC systems to nuclear medicine environments to develop a simple solution with a significantly reduced footprint.

We have combined the most common HPLC modules into one compact system including a Low Pressure Gradient Quaternary Pump, a UV Detector and the Flow-RAM radio detector.

Minimal footprint

Compared to a traditional HPLC system, Logi-CHROM ONE significantly reduces the bench space required for a radio-HPLC unit by 50%.

Cost effective maintenance

Ongoing maintenance costs are reduced − due to fewer parts being used − whilst retaining the same level of functionality as a traditional equivalent system.

Simple set up

Due to its simple design, Logi-CHROM ONE is much easier to set up with limited connections. A smaller, lightweight system also allows for easier changes around a facility compared to a typical HPLC tower.

Integrated into the LabLogic range

Logi-CHROM ONE is part of LabLogic’s expanding range of market leading Radiopharmacy Quality Control solutions. It is fully compatible with Tracer-QC, SPECTra/PETra LIMS and is controlled by Laura for PET radiochromatography software.