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HIDEX Automated Radionuclide Extraction System Q-ARE 100

HIDEX Automated Radionuclide Extraction System Q-ARE 100

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n order to characterize the radioactivity from environmental, food and decommissioning samples, three stages are essential: sample pretreatment, chemical separation and analysis. The extraction chromatography is the representative separation method for the analysis of alpha and beta radionuclides.

Manual extraction chromatography has been used for decades. Now it is time for automated process


  • Manual operation or control is not required
  • Flow rate can be automatically controlled following user’s need.
  • Ultimately, it will reduce preparation time.


  • Safety oriented compact design with acrylic doors keeps you safe.
  • With this clean & compact look, your desk will have much more space.


  • With one sample, up to 5 targeted radionuclides can be extracted.



  • Power: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz
  • Dimensions WxDxH (cm): 88x56x65
  • Weight (kg): 60
  • Pumps (No.): 8
  • Sample capacity (columns): 8 (4 in tandem)
  • Elution fractions collection (No.): 20
  • Reagent bottles: 12
  • Compatible column size (ml): 1-20
  • Sample bottle size (ml): 50, 10
  • Elution bottle size (ml): 50, 20, 10
  • Pumping volume accuracy (%): >95%
  • Flow rate, typically (ml/min): 0.5-5
  • Valves: Body PEEK, Diaphragm PTFE
  • Tube/Fitting material: PTFE/PEEK/ETFE
  • Media temperature (C°): 50 (short time 90)