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Hidex cocktails for LSC

Hidex cocktails for LSC

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Hidex provides high performance scintillation cocktails tested to give optimum performance with Hidex scintillation counters Hidex 300SL, Hidex 600SL and Hidex Triathler for water-soluble, lipophilic, filter counting, alpha beta separation, general beta counting and low level applications. NPE free liquid scintillation cocktails also available.

NPE-Free ProSafe cocktails for all applications and purposes


The ProSafe+ range of cocktails was developed to overcome the NPE issue. They have been formulated using alcohol ethoxylates and as such do not contain any NPEs either as a base component or as a derivative component. The absence of NPEs means that they are not in breach of EEC directive 2003/53/EC or REACH.

ProSafe+ has been tested under OECD 302B (Zahn Wellens / EMPA test) by an approved environmental testing laboratory. The results show that ProSafe+ undergoes a 100% organic carbon biodegradation.

ProSafe cocktails are sold in boxes containing two 5 Liter canisters. Product codes in parenthesis.

  • (PS+) ProSafe+ for routine general counting
  • (PSLT+) ProSafe LT+ for Low level Tritium counting
  • (PSBio+) ProSafe Bio+ for biological samples
  • (PSHC+) ProSafe HC+ for both dilute and higher concentration samples with higher capacity for sample uptake
  • (PSFC+) ProSafe FC+ for counting wet or dry filters
  • (PSTS+) ProSafe TS+ for use with organic and aqueous based solubilisers – please see tissue solubilisers AquiGest and GoldiSol
  • (PSO+) ProSafe O+ is the NPE free Scintillation cocktail for organic samples
  • (PSRn/AB) ProSafe Rn/AB is the NPE-free cocktail suitable for extractive (two-phase) counting of radon in water samples
  • (PSGel+) ProScint Gel+ is a NPE-free multipurpose gel forming LSC cocktail for aqueous and non-aqueous samples

The cocktails in the ProSafe+ range all have the following properties:

  • Safe
  • High flash point
  • NPE-free
  • Biodegradable
  • Drain Disposable in certain applications