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The innovative, flexible and compliant radio-TLC scanner

LabLogic’s radio-TLC Scanner, the innovative Scan-RAM, is designed to meet the ever increasing demands of the modern laboratory. Versatile and compact, the instrument is fully controlled by market leading radio chromatography package Laura for PET, providing accurate and reproducible results for radiochemical purity measurements.

Innovative features designed for PET/SPECT

The Scan-RAM has a range of innovative features including a motorised detector, unique TLC plate support beds and an adjustable collimator.

Fully compliant and compatible with Laura for PET

As with all LabLogic products the Scan-RAM has been designed to exceed regulatory requirements. Features such as a single power button, coupled with the industry standard Laura for PET software offers users the ultimate in compliance.

More than a radio-TLC scanner and analyzer

The Scan-RAM is available not only as a radio-TLC scanner and analyzer, but also as a dual radio-TLC and radio-HPLC instrument, uniquely combining a radio-TLC scanner and a radio-HPLC detector. They both work independently yet simultaneously and offer users the ultimate flexibility whilst saving valuable laboratory space.

With a wide range of detectors suitable for both low and high levels of radioactivity, the Scan-RAM is the ideal radio-TLC scanner and analyzer.