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C-TRAK APOLLO Wireless/Wired Gamma Probe System

C-TRAK APOLLO Wireless/Wired Gamma Probe System

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C-Trak Apollo wireless and wired gamma probe for radio guided surgery.

Superior directionality and complete flexibility.

The C-Trak Apollo gamma probe allows for the detection of radiation during sentinel node biopsies, parathyroid and tumour localisation. The C-Trak Apollo’s distinctive feature is our superior sensitivity and directionality, but now we also offer wired and wireless connectivity with the same probe allowing for complete flexibility.

Using our proven and well respected OmniProbe® the Apollo allows for accurate and precise detection of various isotopes. Its superior directionality allows for quicker subject identification and localisation, and less invasive procedures.

Software for the C-Trak Apollo has been reimagined, with several new features including autoranging capabilities, choice of four audible signals, easier switching between isotopes (such as Tc-99m and I-125), storage of calibration tests and prompts for renewing calibration sources.

The C-Trak Apollo System is the latest in the Care Wise range of Surgical Guidance Systems, superseding the C-Trak Galaxy and the C-Trak Automatic Analyzers