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bGamma is a general-purpose, comprehensive and extensive software package for gamma-ray spectrum analysis, and radionuclide identification and quantification. The software can analyze any recorded gamma-ray spectrum independently of the detector type, geometry or sample. bGamma provides all the necessary tools and functionality for performing detailed analysis of complex gamma-ray spectra and the corresponding radionuclide identification for the given sample.

Main features:

  • Multi-document application
  • Controls data acquisition via detector-MCA setups
  • Implements several automatic peak search methods
  • Provides different methods for peaks’ continuum correction
  • Region of interest (ROI) calculations and automatic and/or manual marking
  • Energy and shape calibrations using comprehensive data input with visual interaction
  • Easy to perform and yet powerful efficiency calibration
  • Includes several powerful spectrum analysis fitting methods, including Bayesian fitting. This wide choice of analysis methods warranties the success and/or suitability of spectrum analysis for any kind of gamma-ray spectrum and analysis needs
  • Fitting and mathematical model parameters are at hand for their quick changes and optimization
  • Advanced and modern GUI for superb spectrum and analysis results visualization

Download the basic specs here and the extensive version here.