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Advanced LSC with high sample capacity Hidex 600 SLe   

New enhanced version!

The most efficient liquid scintillation counter

Hidex 600 SLe is new enhanced version of Hidex 600 SL, the most efficient liquid scintillation counter on the market. It is a continuation of revolutionary Hidex instruments incorporating the most advanced triple-PMT detector technology: 

  • Exceptionally high counting efficiency
  • Luminescence free counting mode
  • Absolute activity counting without external radioactive source using triple-to-double coincidence ratio (TDCR) method.

New design with smart improvements 

600 SLe has the same high performance, software and operation as 600 SL, but new more stylish and user-friendly design and improved features. New model has for example enhanced cooler where samples are also cooled in the conveyor. The software is more stable in terms of updates and communication. Sample specific QR-code reading is a new option that ensures the consistency between sample and result.  

High-tech workhorse with high sample load capacity 

Hidex 600 SLe is designed for high sample load capacity required in centralized laboratories. The Hidex 600 SLe uses the robust and convenient triple to double coincidence ratio TDCR counting highly valued in the 300 SL series. With the added sample capacity of 500 small vials or 200 large vials even the most crowded labs can rely on this high-tech workhorse. Samples are loaded in racks with barcode template identifier which makes multi-user environment with different needs extremely easy. 



  • 425-019 External standard with Eu-152 source
  • 525-003 Alpha/Beta separation
  • 425-2004 Temperature control for 600 SLe
  • 425-016 Low Level option
  • 525-604 Sample QR code reader for 600 SLe