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LabLogic Scan-RAM 2 Duo

LabLogic Scan-RAM 2 Duo

Ingediend door toon op zo, 10/29/2023 - 11:09

The most advanced radio-TLC scanner available

The Scan-RAM 2™ Duo ensures precise and reproducible results for radiochemical purity measurements. This next-generation model builds upon the reliability and success of its predecessor, offering enhanced counting efficiency and a range of innovative features.

The Duo simultaneously uses a 1" NaI detector for SPECT radionuclides and a Plastic PMT detector for PET and high-energy beta radionuclides to provide the best possible performance.

Controlled via the industry-standard radiochromatography software, Laura™, the Scan-RAM 2™ provides a flexible and compliant solution.

New Smart Detectors

Smart detectors offer a new detection technology providing improved performance and usability compared to traditional PMT detectors.

Cableless detectors

The NEW cableless detectors are automatically detected and retrieve their operating parameters from Laura™ software, ensuring GLP compliance.

Temperature controlled

Detectors are equipped with Peltier temperature control for enhanced stability and consistent performance.