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LabLogic Scan-RAM2 Radio-TLC Scanner

LabLogic Scan-RAM2 Radio-TLC Scanner

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The most advanced radio-TLC scanner available

The Scan-RAM 2™ ensures precise and reproducible results for radiochemical purity measurements. This next-generation model builds upon the reliability and success of its predecessor, offering enhanced counting efficiency and a range of innovative features.

Controlled via the industry-standard radiochromatography software, Laura™, the Scan-RAM 2™ provides a flexible and compliant solution.

New Smart Detectors

Smart detectors offer a new detection technology providing improved performance and usability compared to traditional PMT detectors.

Cableless detectors

The NEW cableless detectors are automatically detected and retrieve their operating parameters from Laura™ software, ensuring GLP compliance.

Temperature controlled

Detectors are equipped with Peltier temperature control for enhanced stability and consistent performance.

Speed, maximum count rates and scanning time can all be easily configured.

A flush, toughened glass surface is easy to clean for effective contamination control.

Occupying less bench space, the new design enables greater flexibility and maximizes the available space in your lab.

Magnetic TLC plates for strips up to 5 x 20 cm can be accommodated on the bed which is securely placed for consistent scanning. They are easily cleaned, conveniently stored, and ideal for lowering finger exposure.

Converting signals from various HPLC detectors (UV, ECD, etc.) into digital format for integration within Laura™. All signals are consolidated into a single, unified platform.

LED strip changes color to match that of the detector in use, enabling quick and easy identification.



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