Oxidize your samples with confidence

Introducing the Hidex 600 OXC Oxidizer, a fully computer controlled automated catalytic combustion unit for all organic sample preparation.
Ideal for variety of samples such as: soil, concrete, feces, tissue, cellulose, paint, adipose, crude oil, blood, plant material, bones and concrete from nuclear decommissioning of power plants.

Samples are collected to scintillation vials automatically. Teflon nozzle seals the vial without changeable O-rings.
Cocktail is automatically aspirated by a reliable pump. Vials are placed in a liquid scintillation counter sample rack directly ready to be counted with the Hidex 600 SL counter.

Up to six samples can be loaded in one go. Operator has walk a way freedom and not tied up like older manual systems.

Sample boats are placed on high purity quartz ladles. Hidex 600 OXC Oxidizer is compatible with both disposable and reusable sample boats.